Thursday, October 25, 2012

Milo Marathon Iloilo Chronicles: Reebok Classic Ultralite: A Purple Running Shoe

Hello hello hello.

I am supposed to blog about my Ensure to Endure 2 experience first but Riobebe is taking his sweet time uploading the results, so, instead I will just jump ahead and talk about my Milo Marathon Iloilo leg expedition.

You know what the capital rule in running a race is? Never try anything new on race day. Well. Milo Marathon Iloilo will be a lot of new things for me:

  • first time to run in Iloilo, first time ever to step foot in the roads of Iloilo, actually
  • first time to run a 21k road race
  • first time to run in my new Reebok Classic Ultralite

Yes, I am crazy but I have my reasons, so hear me out first before you mentally send me a raincloud over my head.

  • I am getting bored running in MOA, BGC and Luneta.
  • I have ran a 31k trail run so the distance is not really my issue but the impact that the road will have on my knees, hence...
  • I bought the Reebok Classic Ultralite because it has at least a little cushioning compared to my Zem Gear Terra which I have always worn for my races.

So what the heck is this shoe I am talking about? It is not famous and it took me a while before I spotted it in the shelves. Although Reebok is marketing heavily on Zigtech, I did not try it on because of the supertastic support it gives, it is, I think a stability shoe. I was left with the marshmallow sole Real Flex.

I tried on the Real Flex and the Classic Ultralite. One at a time. And then with one on each foot. On both cases, the Real Flex allowed my foot to pronate. Not good. It was a cushy ride but I don't want to undo months of work trying to correct my extreme overpronation. The Classic Ultralite was not that cushy, but, my feet were level when they landed. (To my friends who run on high tech rides: I know, I know, but humor me on this one, ok? Cheers!)

I checked the sole of the Classic Ultralite and found that it was wider than the Real Flex's. I was very keen on buying something that has a wide toe box and wide sole because my feet are like Magilla Gorilla's, I think I have opposable toes. Aside from my massive toes fitting in, other big plusses for me were the following: the Classic Ultralite has a sole with a very low heel to toe drop and it has a very minimalist upper. Well, I am tempted to cut off the tongue but still, the upper is made of breathable material, breathable as in when you blow from the outside, you can feel your breath inside the shoe. Ok so no one actually breathes into their shoes, but I just got this so it doesn't have feet gunk yet, clear? There is also very minimal cushioning and support at the Achilles area.

So anyway, I have yet to run any distance in these shoes, except for the tiny runs I made around the store, which I think mortified the two sales clerks because I looked like an elephant running amok, but anyway, I think the Reebok Classic Ultralite are really minimalist shoes! Well, well, well.

I will post photos as soon as I have time. I am dying of deadlines right now and my back is also acting up. Anywho, let us just say that it is so purple I look like I am running on purple yams. :D

My Tarahumara friends would approve of my purple yam shoes, I think.

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