Friday, October 12, 2012

Green Running 101: Upcycling hydration packaging

So you've received your loot bag at the end of the race and like a kid, you find yourself with juice and milk in Tetra Pak packaging inside your loot bad, together with other weird things like, say, feminine wash (and you're a guy). Everyone says Tetra Pak packaging is recyclable, but hey, you want to find out for yourself.

So, here's a cool thing that you can do:

Step 1: Unfold your Tetra Pak packaging.
Step 2: Cut into strips and fold into triangles.
Step 3: Connect the triangles with more strips of Tetra Pak packaging.
Step 4: Connect the dots! Err... the Tetra Pak hexs and pents.

This was designed by Ed Chew. And yes his name is quite apt for what he does, food packaging upcycling. Geek alert! 

Anyway, it does take time to create such a lamp, but remember, these materials take a LONGER time to decompose and get recycled. So if you have time, a lot of Tetra Pak packaging from your hydration (hint: you can now get Tropicana Coco Quench in convenient Tetra Pak bricks, sip and run!), you can just add one at a time and watch your project grow. Kinda like our training. We train a little bit here and there and we add more muscle, we get more endurance and that kinda good stuff!

Wanna see how it ends up? Here:

Oh and by the way, the pattern you see on the walls? That's made by the lamp itself! Pretty cool, huh? Hang this in your apartment and the pretty girls you bring home wont even notice the running stuff clutter strewn all over your walls, floors... ceiling???

If you want to read more about this, you can do so here.

Tetra Pak RFR -Recycle.Feed.Run

Of course if you have two left hands (ok I know you have great feet that have ran ultras but we're talking about hands here, hands that can handle craft scissors so cool it bebe), you can simply bring your Tetra Pak packaging, used, cleaned and flattened to register for the Tetra Pak RFR - Recycle.Feed.Run. Bring any two packaging to register. Bring any 5 packaging and get a 50 peso discount. How bout that? Find out more about the Tetra Pak RFR - Recycle.Feed.Run here.

So my dear green running friends, let's run like the Tarahumara!

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