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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Midnight Run? Along Edsa? On October 31? Whoa!

I didn't do the Zombie Run, aka Outbreak BGC. Because I was a cheapskate and I didn't win any race kits. Yes, I'm an honest kid.

But then, but then, but then. What's this about a Midnight Run?

It's all rumors for now, and here's what I have so far:

The gunstart will be on midnight: 11:59PM!!!
Duh, yeah you kinda got that from the name, huh? 

But hear this, it will be on Oct. 31, 2012!!!
That's like, Halloween, y'all!

And! The route will be in Balete Drive!!! No, I'm kidding, that's my friends' and my wishful thinking. But! This is said to include a part of EDSA!!!

And, now this I know for a fact because I have insider information and because I love my readers, this is going to be cheaper than the Outbreak and they are giving away a FINISHER'S JACKET! Damn!

Here's photographic proof, skeptics!

Hah! Yeah, I just OD'd on exclamations. I think I used up my exclamation point quota for this year and the next.

But this is a MIDNIGHT RUN, y'all!!! And it deserves all the exclams I can put on it!!!

Seriously, sorry for making you read like a maniac, even if you were just reading this in your head.
Hey, take it as a practice. We'd be running and screaming with exclams on our heads on this run anyway. GAME?

This is one run where we really must run like the Tarahumara!

Milo Apex Running School Season 4: A Review of Sorts

Last May, my friend Mia and I was overlording the PEx Running Club chatbox. She was talking about having a date with CJ and we were all, who the heck is CJ? And she said Coach Jim.

Long story short, she invited me to join the Milo Apex Running Clinic and on the first sessions, these were what I had to say: Day 1, 2, 3.

Not very nice words, yes? You see, I was pretty much used to hard core training. Something that didn't honor being a newbie, programs that simply pushed everyone into athlete-mode. And now, four months later, I am glad that Milo Apex didn't subscribe to that same philosophy.

This was my first time to join the clinic, although it is already on its fourth season and some of the participants have been there since season 1. It did not stop me from being myself and unleashing my funnies even when Coach Jim Saret was the one teaching.

Activity: Core activation with therabands while running; this literally pulled your gut to your spine and made you look like you have a tiny waist, but not without tremendous effort, y'all.
Coach Jim: "How does it feel, guys?"
Me: "Sexy!"
Everyone: laugh
You see, everyone was aching and cursing under their breaths, and we needed a good laugh if only to make sure our diaphragm still worked after that workout. I was always there to provide the laughter.

I joined the 5k group. And by the second month, I was running 31k trail runs. Not bad. Although, I always got the teasing of a lifetime since I liked wearing my frontRunner Finisher shirt and they would cajole me because I was still doing 5k drills. I took it as credit to the Milo Apex system, their 5k program can tide someone through a 31k trail.

Well, for one, 5k group was the best. We were the coolest, noisiest, happiest bunch of the lot. Possibly because we have fewer reps for each exercise, but trust me, we were all in different forms of being out of shape when we began so the effort was terribly the same. We were hurting like heck.

Three months later, the only thing that separated the 5k, 10k, 21k and 42k groups were the number of reps we had to do for each exercise. We were all gelled together like little pork bits in a hot siopao bun. We ran, broke PRs, drank, threw each other in swimming pools and other crazy things like that.

And of course, we were all the better for it. I am living proof of how one season in Milo Apex Running School can literally shave off pounds. My 5k group looked like runners at the end of the season (in the beginning, I swear we looked like muffins).

Would I join next season? Hell yeah, and every season hence. Until I become coach, hehehe. 

So, results? Since I joined the 5k group, let me give you my 5k PR.
Before Milo Apex: feet2run 5K: 50mins
After Milo Apex: Milo Marathon 5K: 36mins

Yep. It works, people. Join us for another season this September. Visit our facebook page for details. There are two venues, one in BGC and one in QC Circle. I go to QC. I hope you can too!

See you on September!

Thanks to all the Coaches who pushed us to run like the Tarahumara. ;)

This is me, visualizing my first Milo Marathon 42k medal. In two years? Here's to hoping. :)