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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Milo Marathon Iloilo Chronicles: Reebok Classic Ultralite: A Purple Running Shoe

Hello hello hello.

I am supposed to blog about my Ensure to Endure 2 experience first but Riobebe is taking his sweet time uploading the results, so, instead I will just jump ahead and talk about my Milo Marathon Iloilo leg expedition.

You know what the capital rule in running a race is? Never try anything new on race day. Well. Milo Marathon Iloilo will be a lot of new things for me:

  • first time to run in Iloilo, first time ever to step foot in the roads of Iloilo, actually
  • first time to run a 21k road race
  • first time to run in my new Reebok Classic Ultralite

Yes, I am crazy but I have my reasons, so hear me out first before you mentally send me a raincloud over my head.

  • I am getting bored running in MOA, BGC and Luneta.
  • I have ran a 31k trail run so the distance is not really my issue but the impact that the road will have on my knees, hence...
  • I bought the Reebok Classic Ultralite because it has at least a little cushioning compared to my Zem Gear Terra which I have always worn for my races.

So what the heck is this shoe I am talking about? It is not famous and it took me a while before I spotted it in the shelves. Although Reebok is marketing heavily on Zigtech, I did not try it on because of the supertastic support it gives, it is, I think a stability shoe. I was left with the marshmallow sole Real Flex.

I tried on the Real Flex and the Classic Ultralite. One at a time. And then with one on each foot. On both cases, the Real Flex allowed my foot to pronate. Not good. It was a cushy ride but I don't want to undo months of work trying to correct my extreme overpronation. The Classic Ultralite was not that cushy, but, my feet were level when they landed. (To my friends who run on high tech rides: I know, I know, but humor me on this one, ok? Cheers!)

I checked the sole of the Classic Ultralite and found that it was wider than the Real Flex's. I was very keen on buying something that has a wide toe box and wide sole because my feet are like Magilla Gorilla's, I think I have opposable toes. Aside from my massive toes fitting in, other big plusses for me were the following: the Classic Ultralite has a sole with a very low heel to toe drop and it has a very minimalist upper. Well, I am tempted to cut off the tongue but still, the upper is made of breathable material, breathable as in when you blow from the outside, you can feel your breath inside the shoe. Ok so no one actually breathes into their shoes, but I just got this so it doesn't have feet gunk yet, clear? There is also very minimal cushioning and support at the Achilles area.

So anyway, I have yet to run any distance in these shoes, except for the tiny runs I made around the store, which I think mortified the two sales clerks because I looked like an elephant running amok, but anyway, I think the Reebok Classic Ultralite are really minimalist shoes! Well, well, well.

I will post photos as soon as I have time. I am dying of deadlines right now and my back is also acting up. Anywho, let us just say that it is so purple I look like I am running on purple yams. :D

My Tarahumara friends would approve of my purple yam shoes, I think.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Hijab Run for Peace: A first and a third

Back when I was in high school, I was president of a club called the Religious Youth in Action. Yes, trust me, I was. But since our high school was in Cotabato City, I thought we needed to show diversity, all of us were Catholics and it felt absurd. So my friend Amer set up a sister club called the Muslim Students Association and I am proud to say that the two organizations made waves together. More than we could have done alone.

During our term there was a fire and war victims that needed our help. We organized donation drives and were able to fill up elf trucks. We even went to an orphanage and donated food and clothing as well. It was a good year.

Yesterday, I was lucky to be a part of something bigger but of the same tone as what Amer and I started back in high school. Yesterday we made history with the First Hijab Run for Peace. It was a solidarity run where females of all faith are invited to join. All of us wore our hijabs or scarves.

What is a hijab? It is simply a piece of cloth that covers the hair and neck of a woman. It is a sign of modesty, privacy and morality. It is not a sign of oppression. Mama Mary wore one and so do nuns. Why? Read this.

So then, it is a piece of clothing that symbolizes something. Other than that, it's basically a fashion statement too. And if we can allow hideous crimes of fashion, surely wearing a fashionable veil shouldn't offend anyone. I know this is putting it simply, but really, sometimes, it is that simple.

hijab run starting line
Starting Line: The Edsa People Power Monument, a symbol of freedom and peace.

hijab run race bib
My race bib.

hijab run shirt print
The Hijab Run Long Sleeve Shirt Print

We were asked to wear a hijab, whatever faith we had, pink was preferred but I had mine in red.
hijab run big turnout
A big turnout!

Raj Dilangalen leading the pack. Males were allowed to run. In the end it became a family and friends event where everyone went in and ran beside each other.

The AFP was in support of the Hijab Run. Male and female members of the AFP ran with us.

A run for the whole family!

The guests of honor.

And yes, this is probably the ONLY time I will ever get to be a podium finisher but there you have it, 3rd place. I am glad I made my podium run in a historic event. I may not be remembered but I am sure that the event will and that is good enough for me.

So there, my running friends. The Hijab Run for Peace was a first of its kind. And I ended up as the third placer. Goes to show that sometimes, we get more than we expect from joining a run for a cause. We think that we are giving too much of our time and effort to it when in fact it gives back more to us in return.

We may not believe in the same things but the key to life is maintaining a balance, coexistence, learning to run alongside each other without needing to criticize each other's running outfit or gait or breathing.

We must understand the things that are unknown or new to us before we label it as wrong or bad or oppressive. We can run in the dark if we bring a lamp to shine through it.

Tarahumaras' to the finish line!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Green Running 101: Upcycling hydration packaging

So you've received your loot bag at the end of the race and like a kid, you find yourself with juice and milk in Tetra Pak packaging inside your loot bad, together with other weird things like, say, feminine wash (and you're a guy). Everyone says Tetra Pak packaging is recyclable, but hey, you want to find out for yourself.

So, here's a cool thing that you can do:

Step 1: Unfold your Tetra Pak packaging.
Step 2: Cut into strips and fold into triangles.
Step 3: Connect the triangles with more strips of Tetra Pak packaging.
Step 4: Connect the dots! Err... the Tetra Pak hexs and pents.

This was designed by Ed Chew. And yes his name is quite apt for what he does, food packaging upcycling. Geek alert! 

Anyway, it does take time to create such a lamp, but remember, these materials take a LONGER time to decompose and get recycled. So if you have time, a lot of Tetra Pak packaging from your hydration (hint: you can now get Tropicana Coco Quench in convenient Tetra Pak bricks, sip and run!), you can just add one at a time and watch your project grow. Kinda like our training. We train a little bit here and there and we add more muscle, we get more endurance and that kinda good stuff!

Wanna see how it ends up? Here:

Oh and by the way, the pattern you see on the walls? That's made by the lamp itself! Pretty cool, huh? Hang this in your apartment and the pretty girls you bring home wont even notice the running stuff clutter strewn all over your walls, floors... ceiling???

If you want to read more about this, you can do so here.

Tetra Pak RFR -Recycle.Feed.Run

Of course if you have two left hands (ok I know you have great feet that have ran ultras but we're talking about hands here, hands that can handle craft scissors so cool it bebe), you can simply bring your Tetra Pak packaging, used, cleaned and flattened to register for the Tetra Pak RFR - Recycle.Feed.Run. Bring any two packaging to register. Bring any 5 packaging and get a 50 peso discount. How bout that? Find out more about the Tetra Pak RFR - Recycle.Feed.Run here.

So my dear green running friends, let's run like the Tarahumara!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Green Running 101: Shoot that Cup! Tetra Pak RFR - Recycle.Feed.Run

Bad publicity is bad publicity. Running events have their own share of paparazzi, some of them we love because they take photos of us while we are in action, photos we can upload on our social networks and be proud of. But some paparazzi can be critical and we have seen photos of hydration stations with no runners or marshals but with a lot of used cups on the road. These photos have even made it to the international news.
The New York Marathon has it's own share of trash problems too.
But this doesn't mean we should not do anything about it here.

We all know that the cups do get cleaned up after the race but the keyword is “after”. Nobody actually cleans up during the race because there are a lot of runners coming in for their hydration; and for the marshals to weave through them, picking up the cups on the road can be annoying and even dangerous. So runners rush by, drink, throw the cups on the road and the marshals wait for the race to finish so they don't get trampled on, before they clean up.

We can start by using
hydrapaks and bottles.
Now, there are two ways to lower the risk of having photos of littered hydration stations from leaking online. One is for runners to bring in their own bottles or hydration packs so that no cups will be needed in the hydration stations. Runners will just have to fill their bottles from the water or hydration source. Now, not all runners are comfortable running with bottles or hydration packs, and runners who are very conscious of their time do not want to spend precious minutes lining up for a refill. So that is something that is a bit hard to ask for runners, although it has been done in trail races here in the Philippines, but in road races where speed is the main goal, anything that keeps a runner from breezing through is considered a nuisance.

The other way is easier and simpler but it takes a lot of discipline from runners. So what do we do to make sure that hydration stations do not look like mini dump sites during a race? Well, we have to shoot that cup in the trash bin! It's a very simple solution but really, it is all that is needed to solve the problem. It is easier to just throw the cup wherever after drinking from it but if the trash bins are numerous enough and are spaced evenly so that runners don't have to crowd to throw the cups, then runners will have no excuse at all and no reason why they could not throw the cups in the bins.

Seriously runners, if this dog can shoot that kalat, surely we can train ourselves to do the same!
To all runners out there, if we have the discipline to train hard for races, then we also have it in us to condition ourselves to throw cups where their supposed to go. Ask your race organizer to provide enough trash bins and to space them well to avoid crowding.

In the end, our goal should be to minimize waste and if we can take the time to bring our own reusable hydration containers, then all the better for us and the environment. Remember, we run for a healthy body but we must not forget how important it is to run in a healthy environment.

Tetra Pak RFR - Recycle.Feed.Run

If you want to help more, join the Tetra Pak RFR – Recycle.Feed.Run on November 18, 2012. By joining this event, you will participate in a massive effort to recycle Tetra Pak packaging, feed underprivileged children and run a green race.
Learn more about the event and how to register here.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

A Night of Goodwill The Tetra Pak RFR - Recycle. Feed. Run Media Launch

Guests started trickling in at around 5pm in the beautiful MegaWorld Showroom at the McKinley Hill Information Center in Taguig City.

There were a mix of bloggers, running enthusiasts and members of the press. Mars Callo of, Jazz Runner Rene Villarta and the avid followers of HyperSports Philippines were all there to show their support and excitement for the upcoming event.

The arrival of Bearwin Meily, known as Runtarantantan the running community, lit up the room with smiles and laughter. He was the perfect host for the event as he provided the entertainment as well as first-hand knowledge of running as a sport.

HyperSports VP for Marketing, Lawrence Macalinao welcomed everyone to the event and VP for Business Development and Race Director Engr. Ralph Waldy Soguilon discussed the details of the event including the race mechanics and highlights.

Soon after, the dinner buffet was opened and everyone enjoyed a quick break of good food and good conversation.

But the light conversation soon gave way to a more formal press conference as Mr. Macalinao, and Mr. Soguilon were joined by Ms. Shiella Sorrel, Communications and Event Coordinator of Tetra Pak Philippines and Mr. Fritz Cruz, Senior Account Executive of Alouatta Group PR to answer the questions of the guests.

The questions raised were mostly focused on Tetra Pak and its intentions with the event. The members of the press were assured that Tetra Pak was in it for real and that this was only one of the many efforts that they make each year to disseminate information not just about the brand but on how to recycle their products.

Tetra Pak has recycling projects in schools in Metro Manila with expansions slated in the future to include more provinces and more schools. Tetra Pak packages are recycled into notebook paper, boxes, tissue papers and even roofs! It is interesting to note that Tetra Pak makes an effort to create end-user campaigns on how to recycle their products because there are not a lot, if any at all, of packaging companies that will go to such lengths.

With the Tetra Pak RFR - Recycle. Feed. Run, Tetra Pak hopes to engage runners and their family and friends on the company's efforts on recycling and reaching out to the community. Upon registration, runners will have to present at least two (2) clean and flattened Tetra Pak packaging. To encourage runners to bring more, they will get a 50peso discount on their registration fees if they present five (5) clean and flattened Tetra Pak packaging. 

But to those with a heart for children, they might want to bring even more because for every Tetra Pak packaging runners present, Tetra Pak will donate one (1) 200 or 250ml milk in Tetra Pak packaging to underprivileged children. The donation will be turned over to the beneficiary on the day of the event itself. This is in line with the worldwide Feed-a-Child program of Tetra Pak.

The launch ended with the guests receiving loot bags containing milk in Tetra Pak packaging and gift certificates for the race itself.

All in all it was a successful event and HyperSports and Tetra Pak were both hopeful that on race day, they will receive the same warm reception from the runners.

Register for the Tetra Pak RFR - Recycle. Feed. Run at Toby's, Runnr, ARC,ROX, SecondWind and online at

Friday, September 28, 2012

Something to Smile About: adventures after the Tetra Pak RFR Recycle.Feed.Run Media Launch

I would be lying if I told you that enjoyed dragging my fat ass from Katipunan to McKinley Hill on a Friday afternoon.

I left at around 3:30pm and after three jeepney rides, one train ride and plenty of walks in between (I had the stupid notion of bringing my laptop which was heavy and which I wasn't able to use anyway), I finally arrived at around 5-5:30.

The event was fantastic. I got to introduce Bearwin Meily, right smack on the moment when he decided to walk in to the loo. Impeccable timing from your's truly.

Needless to say, it was worth the effort just to see running friends tease me about my double chin and double belly (no, that was me teasing me, they were all kind and polite). I started for another long commute home with a race kit GC (which I have already offered to a lucky camper, but there are more to follow which I will raffle off here, so watch out and stay giddy) and a loot bag filled with milk in Tetra Pak packaging.

I'll tell you I was all frowns with all the commute and I was evil incarnate as I finally reached the MRT station in Cubao. So near to home!

And then, I guess, Christmas happened. It was funny and heartwarming and googly oogly and just so much of a coincidence that I couldn't help but feel so damn happy.

Here's what happened. I was rushing like a mad woman through the halls of the MRT station in Cubao, when I saw two small male children wearing supersize dirty shirts, paper-thin slippers and eating from a plastic bag of maybe not-spoiled rice. And you know, I was so happy it felt stupid. I opened my loot bag and gave each of them milk.

It was like the event was playing in front of my eyes! I mean, this is exactly what Tetra Pak RFR Recycle.Feed.Run was all about! And I had the chance of doing it directly, helping these kids. It was... fun. And the best of all? These kids weren't so far down, they weren't mad at world, in fact, when I gave them their milks (I gave them the chocolate milk ok? They were my favorite but heck they can have it.) they gave me back their smiles and they said, "Thank you po, Ate!"

Oh my baba ganoush! It was enough to rip my face into the biggest silliest smile ever. That night was perfect. And I hope everyone who attended the media launch was as lucky as I was. I hope they met children on the road and I hope they weren't stingy and were kind enough to share their chocolate milks.

It was a magical night. And it reminded me of how much joy it gives me to work with children.

So my readers, as much as we make efforts and train hard so we can run like the Tarahumara, let's not lose track of other important things. Like seeing a child smile as we share what's inside our loot bag.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Ensure to Endure Run Oct 21 Free Race Kit and First 15k Road Race

I am friends with the best people in the world. And one of those best people is Mia and she got me a free race kit for Ensure to Endure. This is one of those races where it's free to join. Free because you buy an Ensure product and you get a race kit if you so choose. This is NOT JUST A DISCOUNT guys, this is as in really no need to add cash to register, you just present your receipt and that's that. 

So as you can see, here's how it goes:

Easy huh? Yeah, they're great. Now I know 27 year old active females are not exactly the target market of Ensure but hey, our parents are, and why shouldn't we get to by them Ensure and get to race too, right?

So there. See you on October 21. This is also the first time I'm doing a 15k road race and honestly, being familiar with the buildings and roads I'm going to be running in, is giving me stomach ache more than running in an unknown mountain or grassland has ever made me feel. Somehow running a 31k trail run is much more calming than running a 15k road race. Lord knows how I'm going to survive a 21k road race. But sure, I'll give it a shot. What better time to start than with a free race. Hehe.

This is the race route and it looks terribly long but the twists and turns are promising, nothing worse than running a straight road that never seems to have an end, Dinalupihan stretch is that you? I am not ready for any small-scale BDM. But I can do this. I will endure haha!

So then, see you on the road. I need to get new shoes for these longer road runs. My Zems are great but since I'm not 100lbs I need to get more cushion if I want to run longer. Hopefully I will eventually get to my ideal weight which is 120lbs and then I can train to do long distances with my Zems. It will all workout.

For more details about the event you may visit 

Let's run like the Tarahumara!


Friday, September 21, 2012

Tetra Pak Recycle.Feed.Run UPDATED!

With all the races going on these days, runners have to think twice which races to join, because honestly, the registration fees don't come cheap.

The upside to that is that the companies who are sponsoring these events are being kept on their toes in coming up with relevant, enjoyable and meaningful events just to make sure that runners will participate.

Now, although most brands are quite new to the corporate social responsibility aspect of their business, Tetra Pak has been doing it since they were born, decades ago in Sweden. In fact, the company was built on the concept of having recyclable packaging: cartons instead of plastics.

So now we have juices, milks and all kinds of beverages in Tetra Paks so that the name has become a household name, a noun, much like Colgate and Pampers have come to represent toothpaste and baby diapers. We call almost every carton packaging Tetra Pak.

Having said that, Tetra Pak is a brand where we bet our money on. They will do good with our registration fees because of their recycling efforts worldwide and their Feed-a-Child program. Plus, since they have partnered with HyperSports, we are sure to have an enjoyable race day.

And that my friends, are very good reasons to join the event. But of course, there's more. It's all about recycling, right? And recycling is all about saving money too. So if you bring clean, flattened Tetra Paks, at least 5 pieces, you get a 50peso discount on your registration fee! How cool is that?

And then you get another 80peso discount if you already have the IPICOS timing chip that HyperSports uses in their running events! Having a reusable timing chip is a runner's way to lessen trash generated by races. It's a good idea to have one.
And that's 130pesos discount just by helping Tetra Pak and the running community recycle. Not a bad message huh? Plus I heard we're also going to get our loot bags early! As in, as soon as you register, you get Tetra Pak products. How cool is that? I'll tell you more about this event in my next blog posts. In the mean time, let us register, shall we?

Run like the Tarahumara! <3

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Seeing Coach Jim, Registering for Pangasinan Great Run and Prepping for Tough Enough Media Launch in Fort Mag

Remember I was upset about Coach Jim's attendance during the season 4 of Milo Apex Running Clinic QC? Well, I am totally proud of him now. He's not only been present on the first day, but he's also present, again, today!

That's just special. It's nice to see the head honcho every now and then. Kinda gives you a boost. I'm just not so sure how he will cut his cake once Milo Apex opens up new venues.

New venues? :D Soon to be revealed! Watch out! <3

So another thing happened today, me and my friend Mia went to Secondwind Greenhills to register for the Pangasinan Great Run happening on Sept 30, 2012. I was initially planning on doing 21k but I opted for 10k because, heck, I'm not sure how the roads are in Pangasinan. What if it's all uphill? I'm dead meat. Anyway, their 10k has a medal too, so, not bad really. Plus we get to have free bus ride and free dorm. Not to mention a free beach vacay.

Oh and yeah, I'm suddenly an officer of Kyusi Runner, a SEC registered running club in QC. How cool is that?!

And tomorrow, I have a 6am trip back to Fort Mag in Nueva Ecija to prep for the Media Launch of Tough Enough, a true-blue Pinoy hardcore obstacle course right in the training grounds of the Special Forces of the Philippines. Yeah!

All in all, life is the best.

Let's run like the Tarahumara!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Long Time No Run! Update, update, update.

So let me see. it's been a while since I hit the road but that last time, I was running up Taklang Damulag (which roughly translates to "a big pile of Carabao shit" if it ever interests you to find out; it's right up there with Gulugod Baboy which means pig's spine).

So what was I doing in Taklang Damulag? I got lucky and was tapped to write for a running event called Tough Enough. It's going to be in Fort Magsaysay, Nueva Ecija. There was a swim in a murky dam (which I bailed out of, first ever swim where I felt like I was drowning), and the Special Forces 20 piece obstacle course which proved to be a pain in every living fiber of... them, because I didn't even manage to go through all of them. What can I say? I was a heavy bonita, okay? After that, you have to climb up the pile of shit, uhm, sorry, the mountain. Was it fun? Hell yeah!

Here's everything about Tough Enough:

So I'm coming back there this weekend for another run through with the race director, Thumbie, the main man for trail runs. It's gonna be three days there and I hope to get some more running because I gained weight baby girl and I really got to carve down my middle because it ain't lookin' anywhere near decent.

Also, Milo Apex Running Clinic Season 5 is finally here, loves! First day was last Monday and we got a pretty good workout, never mind that it rained during the first half, hey, we run crazy places, we can train in the rain, right? Coach Jim Saret was there and it was cool. We rocked seven stations, how's that for a first day Crossfit session?

But I wasn't too happy to hear that Coach Janette was no longer gonna be one of our coaches because we've really bonded over the past months and we were all kind of expecting her to be there. Anyway, we can always schedule something in her hometown in Batangas. An LSD in the mountains, that's not too bad at all.

Another thing running in my mind right now is getting a new shoe for long runs. As you may know, I am with the whole barefoot running concept, so I can make my feet stronger without the need for fancy schmancy prosthesis and what not (did I say prosthesis?), but I also have to acknowledge the fact that being a fat girl, if I want to do long runs, I need some cushioning on my feet, but they have to be shoes that came really close to a barefoot experience. And you know what? I found that shoe. The Brooks Green Silence. I am not even going to write anymore about it because it's giving me orgasms thinking about it (did I say orgasms? forget it, I said it was giving me the wriggly piggly, okay?). I fit it in and it fit like love.

So there! That's what's been up with me. I really need to free up more of my schedule and peel me off of my Cake Boss YouTube addiction so I can spend more time on the road. You can bet that if someone gifts me this shoe, I'll get my road time. :P

Til then, please push me off my work bench so I can start running like the Tarahumara!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Midnight Run? Along Edsa? On October 31? Whoa!

I didn't do the Zombie Run, aka Outbreak BGC. Because I was a cheapskate and I didn't win any race kits. Yes, I'm an honest kid.

But then, but then, but then. What's this about a Midnight Run?

It's all rumors for now, and here's what I have so far:

The gunstart will be on midnight: 11:59PM!!!
Duh, yeah you kinda got that from the name, huh? 

But hear this, it will be on Oct. 31, 2012!!!
That's like, Halloween, y'all!

And! The route will be in Balete Drive!!! No, I'm kidding, that's my friends' and my wishful thinking. But! This is said to include a part of EDSA!!!

And, now this I know for a fact because I have insider information and because I love my readers, this is going to be cheaper than the Outbreak and they are giving away a FINISHER'S JACKET! Damn!

Here's photographic proof, skeptics!

Hah! Yeah, I just OD'd on exclamations. I think I used up my exclamation point quota for this year and the next.

But this is a MIDNIGHT RUN, y'all!!! And it deserves all the exclams I can put on it!!!

Seriously, sorry for making you read like a maniac, even if you were just reading this in your head.
Hey, take it as a practice. We'd be running and screaming with exclams on our heads on this run anyway. GAME?

This is one run where we really must run like the Tarahumara!

Milo Apex Running School Season 4: A Review of Sorts

Last May, my friend Mia and I was overlording the PEx Running Club chatbox. She was talking about having a date with CJ and we were all, who the heck is CJ? And she said Coach Jim.

Long story short, she invited me to join the Milo Apex Running Clinic and on the first sessions, these were what I had to say: Day 1, 2, 3.

Not very nice words, yes? You see, I was pretty much used to hard core training. Something that didn't honor being a newbie, programs that simply pushed everyone into athlete-mode. And now, four months later, I am glad that Milo Apex didn't subscribe to that same philosophy.

This was my first time to join the clinic, although it is already on its fourth season and some of the participants have been there since season 1. It did not stop me from being myself and unleashing my funnies even when Coach Jim Saret was the one teaching.

Activity: Core activation with therabands while running; this literally pulled your gut to your spine and made you look like you have a tiny waist, but not without tremendous effort, y'all.
Coach Jim: "How does it feel, guys?"
Me: "Sexy!"
Everyone: laugh
You see, everyone was aching and cursing under their breaths, and we needed a good laugh if only to make sure our diaphragm still worked after that workout. I was always there to provide the laughter.

I joined the 5k group. And by the second month, I was running 31k trail runs. Not bad. Although, I always got the teasing of a lifetime since I liked wearing my frontRunner Finisher shirt and they would cajole me because I was still doing 5k drills. I took it as credit to the Milo Apex system, their 5k program can tide someone through a 31k trail.

Well, for one, 5k group was the best. We were the coolest, noisiest, happiest bunch of the lot. Possibly because we have fewer reps for each exercise, but trust me, we were all in different forms of being out of shape when we began so the effort was terribly the same. We were hurting like heck.

Three months later, the only thing that separated the 5k, 10k, 21k and 42k groups were the number of reps we had to do for each exercise. We were all gelled together like little pork bits in a hot siopao bun. We ran, broke PRs, drank, threw each other in swimming pools and other crazy things like that.

And of course, we were all the better for it. I am living proof of how one season in Milo Apex Running School can literally shave off pounds. My 5k group looked like runners at the end of the season (in the beginning, I swear we looked like muffins).

Would I join next season? Hell yeah, and every season hence. Until I become coach, hehehe. 

So, results? Since I joined the 5k group, let me give you my 5k PR.
Before Milo Apex: feet2run 5K: 50mins
After Milo Apex: Milo Marathon 5K: 36mins

Yep. It works, people. Join us for another season this September. Visit our facebook page for details. There are two venues, one in BGC and one in QC Circle. I go to QC. I hope you can too!

See you on September!

Thanks to all the Coaches who pushed us to run like the Tarahumara. ;)

This is me, visualizing my first Milo Marathon 42k medal. In two years? Here's to hoping. :)

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Running for a Cause: Lace Up for Anika

Don't be fooled. Every time we do something, it is always for a cause, it's just sometimes, the cause is our own. So we celebrate when we come together to do something for the betterment of others.

I've always loved fundraisers. Maybe it was because when I was in Grade 1, Mt. Pinatubo erupted and it was common for our teachers to ask us to bring old clothes, canned goods, used newspapers and the like to raise funds for the "nasalanta."

In high school, I was shipped to my mother in Cotabato and in my third and fourth year, all I did was head donation drives and fill truck loads of goods for the endless needy: a community whose houses have been diminished into ashes, children from the local orphanage, civilians caught in the middle of a war.

In college, I volunteered to teach street children, to build houses, to clean rivers.

As an adult, I volunteered to teach underprivileged children to make their own dolls. Yes, dolls. Apparently, by making their own cloth dolls, they are able to relate their stories, some of abuse.

And now, since my love affair with running, I am happy that I can put my fat legs to help a little child. Anika, a 5 year old child with only one ventricle. So, as an adult, she can truthfully say that she half-heartedly did things, everything. Hopefully, she can reach adulthood with the help of more people who are willing to do things for her cause.

Kudos to Team Breathe Hope and Breathe Hope Runners, Raianne Kei Mata and Boo Toledo for giving us the chance to help children such as Anika.

Should you want to further help Anika and know more about her condition, please read below:

Anika, now 5 years old, is a baby girl who has a single ventricle loosely translates to having a HALF HEART. For further details, here is her medical condition:

The 2d echo showed that she had a Single Ventricle defect (basically half a heart), a rare type of CHD (Congenital Heart Defect) with other heart defects such as:

Single Ventricle – A complex heart defect that results in one of the heart’s pumping chambers (ventricles) being underdeveloped.

Dextrocardia - is a congenital defect in which the heart is situated on the right side of the body; a otherwise harmless condition. Or refers to the heart being a mirror image situated on the right side.

Pulmonary Valve Atresia –She has a small pulmonary artery. Blood can’t flow from the right ventricle into the pulmonary artery and on to the lungs so low-oxygen (bluish) blood mixes with the oxygen-rich (red) blood in the left atrium.

Atrial Septal Defect (ASD) - also known as a "hole in the heart". Is a congenital heart defect in which the wall that separates the upper heart chambers (atria) does not close completely.”

Banco De Oro (BDO)
Account Name: Anika N. Arjona
Savings Account Number: 0281005540
Branch: BDO SM Megamall B

So there, it is not always important to run fast, run long, run like the Tarahumara. Sometimes it is more important to run together and help someone in need.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

ZemGear Terra

Since I started running March 2012 I've had 4 shoes, one is a Regatta Trail Shoe from my aunt, it has gum sole and I think pretty much zero drop too but the upper is a little bit bulky and non-flexible. Then I bought a Speedo Pool Runner, now pretty much worn out. Next I got New Balance Minimus Zero Trail which was ok but a let down because the seams are already starting to wear out after 3 trail runs.

Anyway, after my Speedos retired, I no longer had any road shoe, and I can't always run barefoot because our city streets are not as clean as I wish it to be, so I went to Sports Warehouse to scout for new ones. Although I have a love-hate relationship with New Balance, their shoes were the most in stock so I tried the NB Minimus Road but I felt that my toes would push forward during the entire run because the shoe had too much sole in the mid and heel and too little in the forefoot. I tried other road-trail hybrids but they were too bulky or too stiff. To appease my friends, I also tried the stability and motion control shoes, and I'll leave it at that.

So off to R.O.X. and I went home with ZemGear Terra.

Price: 2,990pesos (way cheaper than VFFs)
Upper: 4-way stretch with reflectorized bands, these bands hold the foot in place AND keeps you visible when running at night
Sole: split toe recycled rubber that reached to the sides, unlike their previous models where the sole was literally just under the foot
Fit: snug fit, very comfortable, just like wearing a sock with sole, literally makes my feet happy
Runnability: easy to run with, hotspot on the big toe during the first run but easily remedied, no blisters formed, the rubber sole was thinner than VFFs and Merrell Glove series but thicker than my Speedos 

Will use my Terras for Milo Marathon and possibly all my other road races and LSDs.

Do your research before buying:
ZemGear Philippines on Facebook

Please do not launch into barefoot running and run 10k with it at the first salvo. If it's your first time, try walking barefoot in the gym, running 1k barefoot and increasing mileage by 10% each time. Do your research and make sure you are ready for the initial pain as your feet, ankles, calves and core become stronger. You may also visit Barefoot Running Philippines on Facebook for training.

Ok, after all the caveat, let's run like the Tarahumara!

Sorry for the crappy photos, my camera got busted after Merrell Adventure Run. 
So we're stuck with my camera phone photos for now.